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Video game streaming rise over a billion hours viewed per month

Video game streaming rise ninety-nine percent between April 2019 and 2020. The growth in live streaming platform activity has doubled in one year, helped greatly by the COVID-19 crisis, and containment measures that have existed on the Globe since late last year. Movies, music, video conferences, music, and video games, all sectors are winners.

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In March and April 2020 alone, video game streaming broadcasting platforms saw activity growth of 45% on average. It is huge. Nerve twitching, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming are the top three, no big surprise.

Twitch in the foreground and not only in the game

In the past two months, Twitch has seen a 50% increase in content viewed while almost the entire planet was under house arrest. It is 101% better compared to 2019.

This is a whopping 1,645 billion cumulative hours per month, the last two months. Or 187,785 years of continuous programs, our calculations are good. And not just video games.

The part Music and performances where people could attend concerts or masterclasses of artists, the number of attendees was multiplied by four compared to last year.

Video game streaming rise over a billion hours viewed per month

Another big hit from Twitch is the category Just talking which records 134 million hours of tracked programs. This kind of modern forum or free radio can thank COVID-19 for not having been very successful so far.
You will find courses, open discussion rooms, debates, etc. Physical distance and isolation measures promoted the explosion of this category, which is aimed precisely at the entire population who are not interested in the distribution of part of video games.

Video game streaming rise in 2020 over a billion hours viewed per month

But the heart of the wheel from Twitch continues to play. And the title that catches all the attention is Appreciation, from Riot Games. This title is expected to be the next major chart in the world of electronic sports. It was announced during embedding and is currently only available in closed beta mode.

The best way to access this beta is to watch broadcasts of parts of the game … on Twitch. This explains the 334 million hours that gamers have watched for this game alone in the past two months. Fortnite It also went well, including increases in circulation on the platform, month after month, while some said the game could no longer join and interest the community.

Google and Facebook should not be ashamed

YouTube Gaming has seen traffic increase by 14% in the past two months, making it a nice 65% growth compared to last year. The Facebook Gaming service saw its activity increase by 72% between March and April, 238% better than last year.

The one closing the market is Microsoft and its Mixer service. Only 15% better in the past 60 days, i.e. an overall growth of 0.2% compared to 2019 in the same period.

These figures must, of course, be put into perspective with the current, unprecedented situation. It remains to be seen if these trends will continue once our daily lives get a little bit more … face-to-face.

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