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The best video game of 2019: Which game you will win?

The best video game of 2019: after a battle generous to celebrate Fortnite in 2018, the Pixels section of the world decided to organize a goose game, a tribute to the star with flippers of the year, the feathered heroineGoose Game without title, to decide who wins the prize for the best video game released in 2019. You will not read more objective or more scientific rankings. (Spoiler: the full classification is also available at the end of this article.)

“Shenmue III” in pole

A hundred participants take off and throw all the dice. There are eighteen who immediately scores a 6. Outer wilderness, time travel game, this time definitely the right one. But thanks to record-breaking crowdfunding – his fans gave him a second die – it is the contemplative adventure game Shenmue III who does 5 + 2 and takes the lead.

Others drag all their feet. Luigi’s home 3 and mobile gaming Dr. Mario World have fought over the dice for so long that they forgot to roll. Wolfenstein Youngblood, Uchronic shooter in an eighties and fascist Paris, makes a modest 2.

In the second round, it very funny Goose Game without title makes a pitch of 3. He arrives at the special room “Goose”. This indicates: “If you are a goose, move ten fields forward.” The best simulation of avian jokes bursting with joy: here it is pushed to the first place, only thirty-four squares of the last checkerboard.

Trials of Mana, released in Japan in 1995, is less fortunate: it, unfortunately, falls on the box “Go back many years that have separated your marketing in Japan and Europe”… He finds himself sixty-five boxes from the finish box and even twenty-two from the start box.

False shortcuts and persuasion roles

Considering taking a shortcut, Metro Exodus gives it a 5 and hurry in a box “Metro stop”. It won’t come out anymore. The mountain hiking game Short walk, he throws the dice as often as he has golden feathers and throws a comfortable 18 that sends him far ahead. The outer world the new game from the makers of Fallout tries a persuasion role, does 6, decides he has won the game, but luckily nobody listens.

Meanwhile, the crazy racing game in Japan is filled with dogs and lobsters, Nippon Marathon, unfortunately, falls on the square “Last judgement”: All games on an odd square are permanently eliminated. Apex Legends, the competitor of Fortnite, grumbling at the table that he could have participated better last year. Behind him the puzzle game in four dimensions Manifold Garden do 7, jump over the edge of the board, and disappear into the void. Bizarre.

The duel between a game of dice and a goose

Third round. The smart dice game Dicey Dungeons cheat, and throw his own point cubes. Result: he suddenly moves twenty-one squares forward and takes the lead. Much to the surprise ofGoose Game without title, who pecks in vain and then leaves to steal a child’s shovel to calm his nerves.

Behind the sympathetic German “point and click” based on time travel, Trüberbrook, returns to after a failed scientific experiment with the cube while the Cro-Magnon simulation ancestors tries to make a fire by rubbing two dice. Meanwhile, Zelda: Link’s Awakening left the table, in tears: “A bad bird has stolen my beautiful shovel”sobs little Link, inconsolable.

We are now halfway and there … dramatically! One of the favorites, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, rolls a 5 and hits a square “Sudden death” should put him out of the game, but as the name suggests, death is not an obstacle Sekiro, who gets up and goes on.

The revolutionary role play Elysium Disco succeeds him, an impeccable 12, calls “Critical success”and put on the handcuffs PictoQuest caught in the act: this rebellious clone of Picross had a lot of fun coloring the boxes on the plate. Yooka-Laylee and the impossible cave it’s noticable“Impossible business”. To make ends meet, he must get one hundred and six in a row. We will not see him again.

Disabled for a Schrödinger dice

New change at the head of the race. the staggering Baba is you, where the player takes possession of any object on the screen to redefine the game rules, determines as a rule “Baba is The”. The dog – or rabbit (the debate remains intact) – that he uses as a hero, turns into a six-sided cube. So he makes a pitch of 12.

Meanwhile, the crazy role play Citizens of Space, Inspired by Guide for the galactic traveler, has been eliminated for throwing a Schrödinger dice with eight tentacles. After an entanglement, play the exciting game of pinball with a saber Creature in the Well and the naughty dice game Dicey Dungeons grab each other and decide to arrange their scores on “chess ball”, a cross between table football and chess.

Under the approving gaze of postmodern mini golf What The Golf jumping Pikuniku throws himself instead of throwing the dice while the simian escape game Ape Out falls on a square “Jail” synonymous with returning to the zoo without going square.

Suddenly the unthinkable happens: Manifold garden, who had disappeared in the third round by jumping over the edge of the board, splits the air and dives at full speed to the final boxes. But in his race it touches the new game of Jenova Chen, the poetic Sky: Children of the Light. The two are forced to give up.

Serial recordings

Eighth round, the finish space is now about ten spaces away. Some seem to be absorbed in it, such as the action game with the correct name aimed at telekinesis, control, whose dice lead to 6 suspects.

The surprising game of medicine and astrology Astrologaster On the other hand, he only expected Venus’ trajectory: his throw of 2 sent him to the square “Huge hatch”, who ejects his pawn and that of all those behind him. Shenmue III tries a QTE to save himself: he must quickly press the buttons “Y”, “X” and then “B” and “A” and make the handstand by reciting a Chinese children’s song. What a shame, he can’t do it.

They are only twenty in the race. ion Fury FPS but still great, rolls 2 and stumbles on the square for the ninth time “Bad taste”. He pushes back thirty-two spaces. Death stranding, from Hideo Kojima, throws a 3 and hardly misses it. But his hero, the delivery man Sam Porter, exhausted, lays down his arms and his bag and decides to take a nap at the final sprint.

The same for mosaic, dreamy title about mass surveillance and the difficulty of work that resigns from tired war. Noita is also opposite a wall: but that is fine with this underground reconnaissance game, which shatters with a magic wand and throws the dice again.

Five spaces of victory

The arrival box is there, that’s it. They are ten to achieve it: it is the first to reach a throw of 5 that wins the game. The survival game Oxygen not included play it carefully: thanks to a carefully developed machine it carefully drops the dice onto a 2. Noita is less far-sighted. His too powerful 6 makes him pass the end box and start again at the beginning of the board! the hilarious Heave Ho requires him to tickle his opponents, and it works: very dark Elysium disco and defamatory, gripped by convulsive laughter, they each throw their cube off the track.

the fascinating archaeological game linguistics Heaven’s Vault and the fast strategy game spy Sigma theory try to hide their game from each other: the first gets a “Mayan hieroglyph”, the second an RGP-coded key, but the referee disqualifies them for using unapproved dice.

Outer wilderness, exciting and poetic time loop in a miniature solar system, has faith: it falls on a 4 that no one seems to be able to beat. Nobody except A short trip, short, cheerful and perfect miniature garden around a mountain to climb to gain self-confidence. Claire, her flying heroine, with a vibrating wing, gets a 5! She pushes her pawn the other way and finally falls … on … But wait! Where is the finish box that was there five minutes ago? She is gone!

The last spin (yes, it’s a goose game with a spin)

Baba is you launched a formula of which he has the secret: “Baba is the arrival box.” Immediately, according to the ruthless logic of the game, Baba turned into an arrival box. Baba is the victory, shouldn’t it be declared the victor? The jury members are surprised. “Not so fast, cut the Estonian research game with a hoarse voice Elysium disco. If Baba is the finish box, the first to hit Baba wins, right? “

Immediately they all start chasing him, the acrobatic and foufou jerk Ho first. In a panic Baba is you jump from the top of the plateau to escape. But the French trapeze artist hurries to grab him with one arm and hold onto the other at the table. Both are falling now.

“Heave Ho” is launched into the void to catch up and especially to touch “Baba are you” and so win. Heave Ho.

Victory seems to be promised jerk Ho but just as his arm grabs the dazzling Finnish logic game, the latter whispers a final magic formula:

Heave Ho is trophy.”

Thereafter Baba is you clashes gently on the tiles, exhausted, alone, broken, under the bewildered gaze of his 99 opponents, with the trophy for the best game of the year hanging on him as evidence. Outer Wilds, is disgusted, restarts his time loop and returns to the beginning of the game.

The last top 10:

10. Noita

9. Heaven’s Vault

8. Sigma theory

7. blasphemous

6. Elysium Disco

5. Oxygen not included

4. Outer wilderness

3. A short walk

2. Heave Ho

1. Baba is you

The hundred best video games of the year 2019: the ranking list of pixel journalists

100. Crowd city
99. Dr. Mario World
98. identity
97. Mini highways
96. Cricket through the ages
95. Color Bump 3D
94. Super Mario Maker 2
93. Wolfenstein Youngblood
92. Astral necklace
91. Luigi’s home # 3
90. My friend Pedro
89. At the gates
88. For the king
87. Picross S3
86. Trials of Mana
85. Virtua Racing Sega Ages
84. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!
83. Anger 2

82. Trover saves the universe
1. Days passed
80. Golf club: Wasteland
79. Lie in my heart
78. The outer worlds
77. Metro Exodus
76. Sword Pokémon and Pokémon shield
75. Rayman runs away
74. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
73. Blazing Chrome
72. Apex Legends
71. outwards
70. Trüberbrook
69. ancestors
68. Crying suns
67. Hot lava
66. pilgrims
65. Super impossible road
64. Gloomy sword
63. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
62. Beat Saber
61. Superliminal
60. Night call
59. GreedFall
58. Micro Mages
57. Nippon Marathon
56. PictoQuest
55. inmost
54. Nintendo Labo VR
53. Dragon Quest Builders 2
52. Streets of Rogue
51. Yooka-Laylee and the impossible cave
50. Pikuniku
49. Amid Evil
48. Assemble carefully
47. Borderlands 3
46. Citizens of Space
45. Creature in the Well
44. Dicey Dungeons
43. Katana Zero
42. The sinking city
41. A bully story
40. WarGroove
39. We. The revolution
38. Wilmot’s warehouse
37. Goose Game without title
36. Monkey out
35. observation
34. Manifold Garden
33. The Eternal Castle (REMASTERED)

32. Sky: Children of the Light
31. Kill the striker
30. Resident Evil 2
29. Concrete genius
28. Telling lies
27. Shenmue III
26. Cadence from Hyrule
25. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
24. Astronomer
23. Lonely Mountains: Downhill
22. Tetris 99
21. Astrologaster
20. What remains?
19. Clam man
18. Ion Fury
17. What the wave
16. AI Dungeon 2
15. Sayonara Wild Hearts
14. check
13. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
12. mosaic
11. Death Stranding
10. Noita
9. Heaven’s Vault
8. Sigma theory
7. blasphemous
6. Elysium Disco
5. Oxygen not included
4. Outer wilderness
3. A short walk
2. Heave Ho
1. Baba is you

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