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The best 16 video games to play in 2020

“Cyberpunk 2077”. CD PROJECTION RED

As in every year since the beginning in 2014 – with the exception of the last two, because we had already forgotten – the Pixels of the Future section gives you an overview of the most promising games of the coming year, in alphabetical order.

“Aeon Must Die”, or Akira in anger

Bring a revolution in the game of castagne, or to beat up, it is the silent ambition ofAeon Must Die, a promising Estonian production with slick 80s aesthetics and exciting soundtrack. In the skin of an android bearing the artificial intelligence of a bad emperor (yes), it will be a matter of strategically drawing on his anger while keeping control of himself; and influence history through the way you fight.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. Nintendo

The hugely popular Nintendo series returns in a highly anticipated episode of Switch. When it comes to your life in a friendly, talkative animal community, New horizons breaks the recipe somewhat by turning the player into a Robinson Crusoe that lands on a (false) deserted island. But with a parody on smartphone in the pocket, and the ability to visit the island of friends.

“The Artful Escape”, dreamy musical fugue

When it comes to video games, there are few certainties, but there are: Mario is stronger than Sonic, Half-life 3 will never be released and Annapurna Interactive games are always nuggets. after What remains of Edith Finch, Outer wilderness or even Sayonara Wild Hearts, The artistic escape, dreamy fugue in a fantasy musical world, should be a new opportunity to verify the last saying.

“Cyberpunk 2077”. CD PROJECTION RED

Without a doubt, the most anticipated of the year thereafter to have been the star of the E3 show. In the new blockbuster of the authors of The witcher, the neon lights flash, the tramps sleep under the bridges, the interiors of buildings are in ruins and many interloped characters stroll along the sidewalks, sometimes submachine gun. but Cyberpunk 2077 is primarily a role play, in which action scenes, dialogues are alternated and the player is given the opportunity to develop his avatar according to his own insight by influencing the story.

“Empire of Sin”, for the health of Al Capone

There are black games – as if there are black films. Empire of Sin, which takes place in Chicago in the 1920s, with complete prohibition, is one of them. This game of toxic strategy and management assumes total cynicism – we slaughter, we deceive, we deceive, to make progress in the ranks of the underworld. His pedigree is a dream: he is co-produced by Brenda Romero, pioneer of computer role-play, and one of the master’s studios of strategy, Paradox Interactive.

“Flight Simulator”, the 1: 1 air simulation

Few series claim such seniority: the first Flight Simulator dates from 1980. After a decade of technical downtime, Microsoft’s license returns in a visually stunning new version produced by the people of Bordeaux in Asobo. With a mad promise: to reconstruct the entire earth on a 1:1 scale, with the weather changing in real-time.

“Half-Life: Alyx”, cult saga, virtual suite

Oh, the tricks. Half-life: Alyx is a virtual reality game, so it is aimed at a very small number of people – about 1% of Steam users. But it is also the return of a legendary series from the turn of the millennium, one that laid the foundation for a modern narrative shooter and inspired one of the most famous running gags in the video game world – the announcement forever expected of Half-life 3. So that’s not it Half-life 3, but Half-life even if. And even in virtual reality (VR), it is an event.

Haven“, role play SF in love

In this role-play in the style of the French-Belgian science fiction strips, the player (s) drive a couple who live in autarky in a terrifyingly cozy ship but forced to travel through a mysterious planet in search of food or fuel. The authors of the excellent fighting game Furi confirm their talent for deconstructing ready-made formulas and creating intriguing universes.

“Humanity”, the Frenchie “Civilization”

In 28 years and 6 main episodes, the management of the Civilization game series has become one of the most highly acclaimed video games. A sacred cow that tackles the French Amplitude studio without complex (Endless space, endless legend). With a seductive ambition: representing civilizations in all their complexity and cultural wealth, rather than as homogeneous entities, indifferent to the passage of history.

“League of Legends: Wild Rift”, take-away esports

The star game of the esports scene, the one who has the final of the world championships Bercy filled in November, arrives on mobile. A revised version to adapt to more restrictive ergonomics, a slightly revised map and shortened games (15-20 minutes), for a similar principle: matches of territorial conquest five to five in a universe with heroic fantasy.

“Ooblets!”, The best game

It’s pretty rare to pretend you’re more fun than a Nintendo game, and it’s the performance of the kawaii missime Ooblets! (kawaïssime? kawaÿssime? – of the word kawaii cute in Japanese). This country simulation is the open Animal crossing for the neighborhood life and Pokémon for collecting Mimi creatures, as well as op Stardew Valley for gardening simulation. Cute. Crispy by the way.

“Ork dentist”, hygiene is important

2020 has hardly begun when the palm of the best concept seems to have already been promised to this simulation of the dentist office run by an intelligent orca that specializes in monstrous creatures such as gargoyles or vampires. The game that evokes Trauma Center, Terry Pratchett claims as inspiration for his script.

“Sand”, epic in the valley of the wind

the trip, Moebius. The promise of Sand in two words, the meeting of one of the most important contemplative video games of 2010 and the designer who inspired the aesthetics of so many SF works Especially the eighties Akira and Nausicäa of the valley of the wind. So we will find the initiation journey of the first, and the aesthetic of the second, characterized by his shamanic trances in the Mexican desert.

“Say no! More”, or the art of negotiating at work

“Don’t say yet.” This is how we should translate the programmatic title of this Swedish game as simple as cathartic: it exists, in the shoes of an exploited trainee, to ward off his hordes of colleagues by sending them a definitive “no” to the figure. Funny, quirky, universal, Say no! more let you say yes.

“Spiritfarer”, a boat for the dead

How beautiful he is Spiritfarer! And that her heroine, with an infectious smile and impeccable animation, looks enthusiastic! And yet she does not make it easy: to sail from island to island, to meet and collect the spirits of the deceased, who then helps them to travel to the hereafter. A pretext for having nice meetings, but also to collect the necessary resources during the process to receive and feed all these beautiful people, even when they are dead, on their boat. Delicate.

“Tony Slopes”, whale surfing

In life, the intersections between skateboarding and cetaceans are usually quite rare. However, here is one: in Tony Slopes, a promising parody onboard sports, we realize nose grabs on whale back in the mountains. Or on a crocodile. Or a shopping cart. Or a guitar. A crazy way to see a genre that has fallen into disrepair, that of snowboard simulation.

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