The 12 best Pokémon to use in Pokémon GO League

Turn on the PVP Pokemon GO is becoming increasingly complex and popular, and the very recent arrival of Combat League GO can encourage many new people to embark on this specific aspect of the game. If you are one of these players, you need to know some basic concepts to build a good team in Super League, the proposed format by Niantic until February 10, 2020. Here are some, followed by a list of Pokémon that we particularly strong in the Super League.

The best leads

What is a lead?

Is lead the Pokémon with which you enter the battle. A good lead meets 3 criteria:

  • First, the Lead is a Pokémon with good defense.
  • Second, the lead player must have good “coverage type”. That is, it must have resistance to the most common offensive types and / or effective or even super-effective attacks on as many Pokémon from the “Meta” as possible.
  • Thirdly, the Lead is a capable Pokémon put pressure on your opponent. In general, a Pokémon that exerts pressure is a Pokémon that can chain fast-charged attacks or that has fairly powerful rapid attacks.

The 3 best Super League Leads


Altaria is the right Lead par excellence. It fills attacks very well, it is almost impossible to resist the double Dragon / Flight type and it can exert enormous pressure thanks to a very powerful fast attack (Draco-Breath). We not only recommend that you have an Altaria with you, but we also recommend that you prepare to face it. If you don’t have an answer, an enemy Altaria can cause huge problems.

Deoxys Defense

Just like Altaria, Deoxys Defense is what we call a “top layer”. Let us take our three criteria of the good lead. For the defense it is in the name. Regarding coverage, the pure psychic type fears only the Specter type insofar as the Insect type is covered by the landslide attack and the Darkness type is covered by the rapid Riposte attack. Speaking of Riposte, thanks to this powerful, fast attack, Deoxys Defense can put pressure on its opponents. The 3 criteria are met!


The best for the end: let’s not repeat ourselves, Airmure is a power monster that meets all the criteria to shine in the Super League. If your opponent has a plant-type Pokémon, Airmure will be happy to crush it thanks to its formidable dive attack.

The best attackers

What is an attacker?

The question may seem silly given the clarity of the word, but it is not. The role of the attacker is to act against an opponent who is protected by one (or two) shields when you yourself have lost yours. Again, there are 3 criteria that make a Pokémon a good attacker:

  • He is naturally resistant thanks to good defensive statistics. Because you take full charge of your opponents’ attacks, even the attacker must be able to refuel!
  • Even more than for the lead actor, good coverage is essential for an attacker.
  • An attacker must gain access to powerful attacks, capable of breaking down enemy shields.

The 3 best attackers in Super League


Bastiodon is likely the attacker you will encounter the most. The only downside is the huge amount of Star Dust that is needed to be used.


With Hydro-Blast, Laggron is that one of the most difficult Pokémon to face of the entire meta. And with earthquake it will also do a lot of damage. Laggron meets all our criteria, but it has a major weakness: the plant type. Faced with a Florizarre, Laggron is completely destroyed.


We told you that you will meet a lot of Bastiodon. Opposite him is a formidable reaction: Charmina (Charmina against other Pokémon that often occur in Super League such as Lucario or Diamat for example). This Pokémon can spam the attack Fist-Boost making it more powerful with every use. A charmina who has had time to give herself a boost cannot be stopped. If you find one, delete it as soon as possible. You will also have to invest a lot of Star Dust there to reach 1431 PC … but it is worth it!

The best defenders

What is a defender?

A defender is the exact opposite of an attacker. You must use your defenders if you have shields left and your opponent has nothing left. The role of a defender is to relieve pressure by being a damage sponge.

The 3 best defenders in the Super League


Whether it is the name or the design, we immediately understand what it’s all about. Foretress is a formidable defender who is perfectly capable of fighting Pokémon such as Florizarre or Deoxys. In general, Foretress is played with Earthquake Heavy Tackle will surprise many of your opponents. The major weakness of Foretress is of the Fire type, so make sure you have a Pokémon in your team that can overcome this weakness (we are thinking of Laggron or Azumarill, for example).


There it is only a matter of linking the Riposte attacks and possibly succeeding in placing a tackle attack. Vigoroth a good Pokémon counterpart such as Bastiodon, which we have already discussed extensively.


The double type Water / Electrik is one of the most interesting of the game and has Lanturn Just a huge coverage. Lanturne is a reaction to Azumaril and Airmure, but also to every Pokémon of the Rock, Ground or Fire type. With Lanturne, it will be quite complicated to successfully repel a charged attack, but if you play a defender, you have shields in reserve!

The best valves

What is one closer?

When no one has a shield, it’s time to take out your Closers! A Closer is around here finish the work of the rest of the team. Here too we can set 3 criteria that form a good conclusion:

  • good statistics in general, but as always in PVP, defense is the most important!
  • exceptional attacks, especially for charged attacks.
  • a type that can be effective on most Pokémon from the meta.

The 3 best Closers in Super League


We’ve talked about it several times in this article: Florizarre is an Excellent Pokémon in Super League! At the Community Feast dedicated to it, Florizarre was given access to Attak veggie, a characteristic that makes this Pokémon the best type of plant in the Super League. In just 6 Whip Lianas, Vege-Attak is ready to make big holes in the other team.


We saw it with Airmure or Foretress, the steel type is great (and again, we were not talking about Pokémon like Registeel, for example, which is a monster like a defender). We saw it with Charmina, Poing-Boost is a great attack. Exceptional statistics, great type and attack … Lucario is a great Pokemon for your team. Note that you can even increase coverage with unlock his second loaded attack : Ball Ombre.


He has also mentioned it several times. It is a Pokémon both defensive and able to do great damage, such as Florizarre. The coverage is quite wide thanks to the double Water / Fairy type and the attacks of Laser Ice and Calinerie.

Conclusion: our advice to shine in the Super League

It is completely wrong to say that there is no strategy on Pokémon GO. PVP is never about stacking your monsters with the most PCs to win, not at all. If you want to become the best trainer, there are many things to keep in mind. Here we have discussed the subject of the structure and balance of your team, but these are not the only determining factors. There is also the choice of attacks, the choice of IV’s (because having a “perfect Pokémon” is not always the best solution for Pokémon GO, power management, the importance of knowing how to predict the Lead of you opponent, adaptation to shields, knowledge of meta … in short, all this requires a lot of knowledge, but especially practice a lot.

Now you have some basic principles. You just have to chain competitions to control the complexity of PVP on Pokémon GO!

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