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Temtem: Pokémon more strategic than before?

After a thorough investigation of the 4 things that make a Temtem unique and all the details of different capacities from your Temtem, it’s time to tackle what’s going on during the fight itself. If you are used to Pokémon, you will certainly know about status issues such as fires or poison. You will see that Temtem has taken over this mechanism and added a low complexity.

What is a status issue? Differences and points in common with Pokémon

Common points

  • The general definition remains the same in both games. A status issue (A status state in English) a passive effect triggered in a fight after using one capacity or the activation of characteristics. Each status problem has its own effect, but the vast majority are appropriately called “problems.” We will come back to this.
  • Statutes are “non-volatile”, which means that they remain activated even after leaving the fight.
  • You have to know the statutes within reach so you know how to respond when the time is right!

The differences

Even if you are a Pokémon status expert, know that you have to learn almost everything again Play Temtem. Here are all major differences between the two games with regard to the statutes:

  • In Temtem there are 14 different statuses9 more than in Pokémon, it’s huge. This figure still needs to be placed in perspective because there are “secondary” states that are not displayed on the screen on Pokémon (such as Anxiety or Attraction).
  • A Temtem can have 2 articles of association at the same time!
  • If a Temtem already has 2 statutes, you can still apply a new one. In this case, the first status that is applied is replaced by the newcomer. To replace one Status in Pokémon with another, you first have to deal with the first problem.
  • The duration of status is not arbitrary like in Pokémon. Here it is determined by the property or capacity that the statute applies.

The 14 statutes and their consequences


Loses a burnt Temtem 1/16 of the maximum HP at the end of the round. But that’s not all, as, in Pokémon, a burn makes the physical Temtem extreme because of it Reduce attack statistics by 30%. It can be a burn removed by the statutes of gel or cold, but it can also remove these two statutes itself. It is probably the most strategic status of all.


sleep prevents you from attacking Temtem. But again, it’s not as random as in Pokémon. here the sleep rate wakes up when it receives an attack. This adds a very interesting strategic aspect because in Temtem all battles are double battles. Note that Spiritual type Temtem cannot fall asleep.


A poisoned Temem loses twice as much life as a burned Temem or 1/8 of the maximum HP. Note that Toxic of the toxic type, such as Pokémon of the Poison-type, are immune poisoning.


One of the special features of Temtem is the addition of one new statistic: Endurance (that some people call energy or fatigue). Temtems that get the status Exhausted see the duration cost of their skills increase by 50%.


As we have said, a Temtem can have two statutes at the same time. With two Colds, a Temtem becomes Frozen. Colds can also be quite useful for that follow the burned status.


One of the other features of Temtem is Synergy between typing. The banned status makes the use of Synergy impossible.


The immunized status is quite unique because it protects a Temtem against all effects of negative statutes (which are in the majority).


A frozen Temtem is frozen in place and can no longer attack. Since Temtem strives to become a Pokémon without a chance, the paralysis no longer exists and only the frost survives. Note that the gel erases a burn and can be erased by a burn.


A Cursed Temtem sees a lap counter appear next to its name. When this counter drops to 0, the Temtem K.O drops. Beware of defending teams playing the curse!


A neutralized term loses all its weaknesses and all its resistance. No more “super effective” attacks can be achieved, but the same applies to “not very effective” attacks. Attention a neutralized term does not lose its type (s) and it will still be able to inflict formidable super-effective “stabilized” attacks on you.


This status prevents flight. Handy to keep a “wild Temtem” on the ground, but also to prevent an opponent from switching!


With the Regenerated Status, the Temtem can benefit from this recovery 1/16 of its maximum HP at the end of each round.


Strengthening is the exact opposite of exhaustion. So, a strengthened Temtem sees the endurance costs of all its capacities decrease by 50%.

locked up

Status locked cancels the effects of the held object. In strategy, this will be extremely expensive!

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