Pokémon GO, Combat League GO, first season: is it worth it?

The announcement just fell on the official website from Pokémon GO: the first season of the GO Combat League, a kind of world ranking of the best players in PVP, will arrive in early February! Before we ask ourselves how we should prepare for this, we first ask ourselves the following question: are the rewards worth investing hours of your playing time?

The rotation of the seasons

We are currently in the middle of its preseason. This is this special moment when developers test things so that everything is perfect when the first real competitive season is launched. In addition, the trainers participating in this preseason will be rewarded for their help with a Pikachu wrestler and avatar objects that are inspired by it!

The players of level 40 can already have fun in the preseason (for others it will be a few days) with the Super League. This Super League is being replaced by the Hyper League on 10 February than on Master League on February 24. In short, expect the competitions (and seasons) to change every two weeks. Season 1 must begin with the return of the Super League, Monday, March 9.

That is already one pretty good news! Everyone who does a small PVP on Pokémon GO has its own favorite competitions. So that you don’t get stuck too long in a League that you don’t like, and no one will be bored. Passes won by the sweat of your forehead

We will have to walk 5 km to simply “win the right to participate in the Combat League GO and unlock 5 online games”. These 5 kilometers can cause you to lose a lot of time and become a real obstacle to your progress. To help you bridge this distance faster, we recently launched a written (id: 1166904 guide) that lists the best techniques to cover a maximum mileage in minimum time and with a minimum of effort

The rewards: is it profitable to play without a Combat Pass?

Officially, nothing concrete has been revealed on the rewards side. All Niantic has told us is that there will be some sort Combat Pass Fortnite, were paying players to get much better rewards than players who can play for free. Is the difference between the two very important? If you do not want to spend money every two weeks, Is it worth it compete? This is what we will see now, thanks to the work of Dataminers, These fans who delve into the code of the game, and who in advance revealed a lot of really reliable information, but changed it. Here is an image of their work, published on the English site Pokémon GO Hub. We will respond to it immediately.

So there would be 10 different rows. From grade 1 to grade 3, we belong to the newcomers and it is enough to play to go to the higher ranks. We are at the intermediate level between grades 4 and 6 and have to start winning if we want to make progress. Ranks 7, 8, and 9 are reserved for the most talented and dedicated players. Grade 10 will probably only be accessible to a very small minority of people.


If we look at these tables, two things come to mind :

  • First, we notice that the rewards from the start are not bad, especially under Piece of Star. If it is indeed possible to achieve rank 4 or 5 without even winning a single game, it is really worthwhile to make your battles as soon as you have the opportunity…
  • Secondly, even if the gap between those who play and those who do not pay is quite large (those who may earn more than 3 times more than those who do not pay), non-paying people still have many rewards.

But are they profitable? If you are not a fan of PVP, we strongly recommend that you go your own way. Even with a Premium Pass, your profit with Star Dust may not even be enough to cover all your expenses. You can’t win games without having a lot of fightable Pokémon, and that requires a colossal investment, both in time and in the dust. Each competition has its own fairly dense and moving meta that you need to know within reach. Let’s take a very simple example: if you want to unlock the second attack with 3 legendary Pokémon while putting them at the maximum PC level, you have about a million Star bags of dust. It’s just colossal and we’re only talking about 3 Pokémon here, you will have to climb dozens.

Finally don’t hesitate to argue for fun if available. It is always busy and it can be fun. but we do not recommend investing heavily in the Combat League if you are not a big fan of PVP and competition.

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