Nintendo Raises More Than Billion Dollar From Mobile Games

After the switch, now Nintendo Mobile Games enjoys success on our smartphones and tablets. The Japanese have not yet launched many titles on Android and iOS, but that will have been enough to bring him more than a billion dollars in just over three years. Anyway, this is what data collected and aggregated by Sensor Tower, an analysis company specializing in the study of mobile application stores, reveals.

The biggest success of Nintendo is not Mario. That is Fire Emblem Heroes. This game free to play is a successful franchise from Nintendo Mobile Games includes a smart in-game purchasing system, in particular of the type Gacha. Simply put, you buy a generic item – usually a box – and you don’t know what it contains in advance. It can be a power, an object, or a character, depending on the theme of the game.
Because content like this is constantly being added by developers, it’s a good way to keep players loyal … and to empty their wallets. The game would have raised more than $ 655 million today.

On the second step of the stage, Nintendo Mobile Games with $ 131 million generated, we find Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the mobile adaptation of the successful license whose adaptation to Switch is also expected for this first quarter.

Mario Doesn’t Make A Recipe (yet)

The following comes Dragalia lost (role play with action, 123 million) and the three Mario licenses – Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run, and Dr. Mario World – close the march. They did not exceed the $ 90 million limit (86, 76, and 4.8, respectively).

however, Mario Kart tour was the most downloaded free game app on iOS, despite Apple last year the release in the last quarter. As a result, it has managed to generate more revenue than Mario Run Game in shorter periods of time, which promises a bright future for the brand.

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