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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Update 2.9.0 Tips

Harry Potter Wizards Unite and the new update turns the wizarding world upside down! This switch to version 2.9.0 is probably the biggest change the game has undergone since the worldwide release. In the program, there is a much needed new feature, taken from Pokémon GO, Exploration Monitoring. But that is not everything! Here are all changes from the latest update and all our tips to get the most out of it!

Exploration monitoring and sock technology

What is Exploration Tracking?

It is finally coming! For people who don’t know this great feature of Pokémon GO, here’s a little explanation:

Harry Potter Wizards Unite exploration tracking is a function that, once activated in the game, connects to Health app (on IOS) or Google Fit (on Android) for note your walking distance even when the application is not running and your GPS is turned off. When you return to the game, the steps counted by the pedometer on your phone are converted to the distance traveled and this distance is applied to your Portkey trunks.

What is the sock technique?

It is, therefore, the return of the famous sock technique that had caused so much about it when we talked about it on Pokémon GO! This method may seem absurd, but we assure you it is really fantastic. This is what it is:

  • When you play Harry Potter Wizards Unite activate the Exploration Tracker and start the game
  • Put your phone in a sock (high if possible) Take your sock from above and make small movements from top to bottom to make your phone bounce in the sock.
  • Because your phone bounces, the game will believe that you are running. The kilometers are yours without leaving your bed!

And you will see that these tips will be particularly useful to you because they are there any changes to the Portkeys!

Other changes in update 2.9.0:

The Portkeys

Four important changes to remember on this side:

  • You can get energy by opening Portkeys
  • from new fragments are available within the Portkeys, for all distances.
  • from new illustrations have been added to better distinguish your different Portkeys (a boot, a kettle, and a ball).
  • Two new locations have been added, you can wear now 10 strains at the same time!

Here are the official press release developers:

In addition to the arrival of the Exploration Tracker, updates will be carried out on the Portkeys and the associated rewards. When you unlock Trunks, there will be new illustrations that make the difference between all categories – 2 km trunks are represented by a boot, 5 km by a kettle and 10 km by a ball. You will also notice that certain Portkey environments, such as the Shading office, that were already there during the brilliant events, will reappear. In addition, by hitting Joncheruines, in every Portkey, you now get a chance to offer magic energy to players. Players can also discover fragments of additional retrouvables that could not previously be recovered from Portkeys.

Friends list and bugs

  • You can now arrange your friends in different ways (in connection with opened or unopened gifts, in alphabetical order …).
  • Some players came across one error message when they tried to collect one drink. Bug fixed!
  • Similarly, some people received one error message when starting a Wizard Challenge. This bug has also been solved!
  • The number of players in a room of fortress is now updated immediately.
  • If you come across other bugs, do not hesitate to warn the developers that are quite effective in this matter. Go to settings, thereafter Help (below) and then support and finally Report a bug.
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