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Chromebooks can become gaming PCs

Chromebooks, future gaming machines? steam, Valve’s huge video game supermarket will soon be big on the screens of computers with Chrome OS. In an interview with one of the system development officers (Kan Liu) revealed to Android police that teams were currently porting the catalog. However, the latter did not state the release date and did not indicate whether there were any restrictions on the agenda. Moreover, Valve would not be involved in the process.

But there is no doubt that not all games can run on Chromebooks, the vast majority of computers are relatively restricted in their performances. They are built around low-consumption platforms, just enough to run the Chrome OS and Android apps that do not require thousands of horsepower in the engine. Unlike games.

Future Chromebooks even more powerful

However, the interviewed official said that the next generation of Chromebooks will use AMD processors – may be the Ryzen 4000 – capable of playing a wide range of games under the right conditions. The models that are already in use will, in turn, be limited to independent games, retro and old AAA that can take advantage of the CPU power and graphic controllers that are integrated into Intel processors.

Software limitations? Yes, there will be. If the games are not optimized for Linux – from which the core of Chrome OS comes, they cannot naturally work. However, you can stream games installed on a home computer to the Chromebook screen. Steam allows it and in this case, there is no need for colossal computing power, a good quality home network is sufficient.

What about stages?

By potentially opening its doors for Steam, Google runs the risk of overshadowing in stages. To a certain extent. Valve’s catalog is actually disproportionate to Google’s Cloud Gaming service. And if the games are played locally, the connection quality doesn’t matter. This is the material that – as we said – will not necessarily follow. And this is what Stadia can take over because all computing power is transferred to the cloud.

Another potential problem for Stages: when Steam prepares a cloud gaming solution as some rumors indicate, the competition there will be fierce.

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